Jepson Substation

The new Jepson Substation, located on Jepson Lane in Middletown, has been completed and is now in service. Deconstruction of the old Jepson Substation (located across the street from the new site) has begun and is expected to be complete in spring 2021. Once deconstruction is complete, the site will be maintained as an open green space featuring newly installed landscaping.

Project Overview

OnIsland (which includes the Aquidneck Island Reliability Project) represents a substantial upgrade to the electrical system in all three communities on Aquidneck Island. Here are some of the project highlights:

  • A new Jepson substation will be constructed in Middletown and upgraded from 69KV to 115KV, replacing an outdated facility built in the 1950s. The new substation will consist of two transformers supplying six 13.8kV feeders and two more supplying three 23kV supply lines.
  • A new 69/13.8kV Newport substation will be built with a single transformer supplying four 13.8kV feeders, reconfiguring the area distribution system and adding 60MW of new 13.8kV capacity in Newport for greater electricity reliability in both Newport and southern Middletown.
  • The Dexter substation will undergo a reconfiguration following the removal of some existing equipment. However, the substation footprint will remain intact.
  • The North Aquidneck, South Aquidneck, Bailey Brook, Vernon, and Jepson substations will be retired from service, addressing some environmental and equipment deterioration concerns.
  • Two transmission lines, Lines 61 and 62, located in National Grid-owned rights-of-way, will be upgraded from 69kV to 115kV.
  • Replace and upgrade various parts of the local distribution system (the lines in the streets that tie into homes and businesses) in Middletown and Newport to ensure the more reliable delivery of electricity.
Project Maps